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About Diamond Shapes

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Round Brilliant Cut (RBC)

Round GemSparX Diamond

The ultimate classic! The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, representing approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. The round brilliant-cut was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919.

Princess Cut

The princess is traditionally a square cut or rectangular cut, with many variations. A princess cut diamond should always be set with prongs that protect the four corners.

Cushion Cut

Cushion GemSparX Diamond

Cushion-cut diamonds have rounded corners and feature larger facets to increase their fiery brilliance. They combines a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow (cushion).

Marquise Cut

Marquise GemSparX Diamond

The Marquise cut originated in the 1700s and may have been named after the Marquise de Pompdor, a mistress of King Henry XV.

Pear Cut

Pear GemSparX Diamond

The Pear cut looks like a rain or tear drop, pointed at one end. It may or may not have a large flat or table facet in the center of the stone. They are created by a combining a round and marquise shape diamond shapes.

Heart Cut

The romantic Heart shape is shaped like a heart . The corners of this diamond may show the color if you are buying a color grade diamond.

Oval Cut

Oval GemSparX Diamond

The Oval cut is oval in shape and is covered with rectangular facets. Rounded on both sides. The oval cut optimizes the carat weight and elongates the finger.

Emerald Cut

Emarald GemSparX Diamond

The Emerald cut is a square or rectangular cut with the corners cut diagonally. Emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes.

Radiant Cut

Radiant GemSparX Diamond

Trimmed corners are the signature of the radiant cut diamonds, making it a popular and versatile choice for jewelry. The radiant cut diamond is the first square cut secondly being the princess.

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